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Here I'll put any articles I find, relating to Jim's career. If you find any, please do send me them so I can share them with more of Jim's fans.

Angles & Dropshots Sunday 19th February, 2006 (SAP Open)

Victory Gallop Swingin' for Victory Thursday 15th September, 2005 (Akron News)

Battle to Men's Doubles Final Wednesday 7th September, 2005 (

ATP Implements Doubles Enhancements Thursday 30th June, 2005 (ATP News)

Passing Shot Monday 27th June, 2005 (The Globe and Mail)

Gonzalez dips out on double Saturday 15th January, 2005 (New Zealand Herald)

Pair Pressure Friday 14th January, 2005 (New Zealand Herald)

Raising a Racquet for UNICEF Friday 14th January, 2005 (ATP Insider)

Qualifier stands in way of the Cup Tuesday 15th October, 2002 (La Haute-Marne)
Stanford works its magic Friday 24th May, 1996 (Palo Alto News)
Tennis teams in the hunt for titles Friday 7th April, 1995 (Palo Alto News)

A good reason for optimism Friday 11th February, 1994 (Palo Alto News)

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